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+ Orbity Classic

This is Orbity.io's basic universe.

Outlast your opponents and top the scoreboards!

Orbit the Earth with only forward thrust, carefully set and maintain your orbits, and watch out for rocks & other players.

Look-out leaders! Scoreboard top players are highlighted, take them out for a bonus flight bounty.

Orbity in a simpler "classic" form; inspired by voar.io circa 2013.

+ Orbity Campaign

This is Orbity.io's main campaign.

Take a journey through Orbity's vast & quirky alternate universe.

Gain score by orbiting objects; use score to upgrade your ship modules.

Explore outside of Earth to find many interesting landable planets, moons, & other objects.

Complete Missions and Achievements for extra XP bonuses and game completion.

+ Orbity Solar System

This universe is currently experimental (expect issues!)

Take a journey through our vast Solar System.

Discover planets, moons, stars, and other objects found in our solar system and gain Achievements on the way.

The very large size and vast space between objects make this universe much more desolate!

Manage your fuel wisely - strap in, and enjoy your flight!


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Orbity Classic

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Orbity Campaign

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Solar System

Unlocked at
Level 3

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Enjoy your flight.

For the full experience, open this website on PC with a mouse and keyboard.
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Orbity Campaign | Class

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  • Tap W to forward thrust.
  • Tap A for forward left thrust.
  • Tap D for forward right thrust.
  • Hold SHIFT for smaller thrusts.
  • Press CTRL to change camera views.
  • Press + - or Scroll to Zoom (Ship View Only)
  • Press SPACEBAR to Rotate ship 180 degrees.
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