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SMDC00 profile

Player flag:

Game Completion 56.25%

XP 2,345,077
Level: 35
Missions: 251 2

Current Faction: Industrials 🟡
Faction captures: 75
Capture points: 7416

Flights: 166
Landings: 967
Bounties: 0

Flight time: 23H 49M
Longest flight: 1H 7M 58S
Best score: 303,141

Last flight: 1W 1D ago
Registered: 3 Years ago


To Moon Open 31.292S 7 Months ago
To Moon and back Open 2M 6.144S 7 Months ago
To Mars Open 1M 43.472S 6 Months ago
To Mars and back Open 16M 31.302S 6 Months ago
To Jupiter Open 3M 44.505S 6 Months ago
To Jupiter and back Open 1H 19M 8.330S 7 Months ago

Achievements (71/148)

Found the place. 7 Months ago
Moon race. 7 Months ago
Taking out the top. 7 Months ago
Helping hand. 7 Months ago
Localization. 7 Months ago
All your base are belong to us 7 Months ago
Saw the Oracle 7 Months ago
Domination 7 Months ago
You had to have known better. 7 Months ago
Well that was scary. 7 Months ago
Millionaire. 7 Months ago
Thanks for playing! 7 Months ago
What is life? 7 Months ago
You made it to the Edge. 7 Months ago
Why's this here? 7 Months ago
Demoted :( 7 Months ago
Them rings though. 7 Months ago
Dense atmosphere. 7 Months ago
A local view. 7 Months ago
The little guy. 7 Months ago
Just a glimpse. 7 Months ago
Hi Mom! 7 Months ago
Evening star. 7 Months ago
Atmospheric re-entry. 7 Months ago
Taking Control 7 Months ago
Starbits. 7 Months ago
Team Leader 7 Months ago
No bathroom breaks. 7 Months ago
Getting your bearings 7 Months ago
What is truth? 7 Months ago
This is mine 7 Months ago
Helping the team 7 Months ago
That wasn't so bad. 8 Months ago
Deep reach. 8 Months ago
Information Overload 8 Months ago
Found the dwarf. 8 Months ago
Followed directions. 2 Years ago
Lunar lander. 3 Years ago
End of the line? 3 Years ago
Fly swatter. 3 Years ago
Observation point. 3 Years ago
Visited the Starman. 3 Years ago
Saving throw! 3 Years ago
Hard as Nails 3 Years ago
Docked to the ISS. 3 Years ago
Went to Funky Town. 3 Years ago
Like a feather. 3 Years ago
Landed with only using W. 3 Years ago
All the places. 3 Years ago
Crashed into Phobos. 3 Years ago
Where is this place? 3 Years ago
Crashed into Luna. 3 Years ago
Boosted. 3 Years ago
Fueled Up. 3 Years ago
You thought that was safe? 3 Years ago
Got outside the edge. 3 Years ago
This looks familiar. 3 Years ago
A leg up. 3 Years ago
Crashed into Mars. 3 Years ago
Welcome to the Edge. 3 Years ago
Full service. 3 Years ago
Mars rover. 3 Years ago
Moon lander. 3 Years ago
Nice. 3 Years ago
Take that. 3 Years ago
Planted a flag. 3 Years ago
Got some work done. 3 Years ago
Maxed out! 3 Years ago
Crashed into Earth. 3 Years ago
Its beautiful on top. 3 Years ago
Orbited the Earth. 3 Years ago
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